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 Directing and educational theatre 



(student / actor)

"The passion Daniel has for theatre is infectious. I've been lucky enough to work with him as director, voice teacher, and he helped me prepare for college auditions. His vast knowledge of musical theatre and ability to adapt his teaching methods to individual students makes him an invaluable educator."



(student / actor)

"Working with Daniel has helped me immensely both on and off stage. He helped me come out of my shell and made me realize that even with arthritis, I can do anything and become any character I want. He made me find parts of my voice that I didn't know I even had and most importantly, he made me love the stage."


"Daniel is a true teacher. He takes every moment as an opportunity to learn and grow. Through positive words, Daniel inspires his students to want to be better. If a vocal exercise or directing technique was not working he came at it from a different to better suit the student's needs. Because Daniel honestly believes in each one of his students, we believe in ourselves."



(student / actor)

Les Miserables

Directing, Music Directing, Scenic Design, Costume/ Hair and Makeup Design by: Daniel Walstad

BEEHIVE the 60's Musical

Directing, Costume/ Wig Makeup Design by: Daniel Walstad

Little Mermaid Jr.

Directing, Scenic Design, Costume/ Wig and Makeup Design by: Daniel Walstad

Directing Video Reels

ANNIE (Easy Street)

Directing, Costume/Wig and Makeup Design by: Daniel Walstad

GREASE (Magic Changes)

Directing, Scenic Design, Costume/Wig and Makeup Design by: Daniel Walstad

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