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"Daniel Walstad’s voice soars in several numbers, most notably in “Beautiful Girls,” and he provides a tender rendition of the title song from “Anyone Can Whistle.”

Mark Lord, Queens Chronicle

P. Tobin, Grand Forks Herald

The Music Man (Sharon Playhouse, Sharon CT)  

Side By Side By Sondheim (Royal Star Theatre, Queens NY) 

The Producers (Crimson Creek Theatre, Grand Forks ND) 

"Daniel Walstad shines as J.B. Biggley!"

P. Tobin, Grand Forks Herald

"Matthew Krob, Robert Bannon, Daniel Walstad, and Jacob Pressley form a wonderfully comedic barbershop quartet.”

CB Wismar, Berkshire Edge

"The quartet -- Daniel Walstad (et al.) -- make "Goodnight Ladies" and "Lida Rose" endearing and memorable.”

Dan Dwyer, Berkshire Edge

"The guys in the barbershop quartet are uniformly talented and perform "Lida Rose," "Sincere," and "It's You," pitch-perfectly.”

Leon Graham, Lakeville Journal

"The barbershop quartet of Robert Bannon, Matthew Krob, Jacob Pressley, and Daniel Walstad offer memorable harmony as they sway.”

Kevin T. McEneaney, Millbrook Independent

Nancy Sasso Janis, Naugatuck Patch

"The fine vocalists included. . . Daniel Walstad.”

"The bickering school board members  -- Matthew Krob, Robert Bannon, Daniel Walstad, and Jacob Pressley -- unite delightfully to provide sweet-sounding barbershop quartet harmonies, exemplified in such songs as "It's You" and "Lida Rose.”

Stuart Brown, host of the Broadway music Radio program "On Broadway"

How To Succeed... (University of ND, Grand Forks ND)  

"Walstad as [Roger]Dupris. . . played Flamboyant with a capital "F," and everything about [him], including [his] costumes, was delicious."

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