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of Voice and Musical Theatre

Voice Lesson / Vocal Coaching


Lessons/Coachings are 60 minutes and can be tailor made to suit your individual needs. We will discuss healthy vocal technique and use various excersizes to highlight your natural unique voice. We will also discuss song interpretation, acting the song, text painting, diction, and various other tools you can use and apply to all of your performances. I am comfotable teaching in many different styles of singing (Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Broadway Musical Theatre, etc.) so lets work on music that makes you happy and showcases your best! If you have specific material you would like to work on, please bring an extra copy of the sheet music. Lessons can be taught in my home in the Washington Heights Neighborhood, in a rented studio space in Midtown Manhattan, or in your home.

Audition Preparation


If you have an audition for a show, a school / University / summer program audition, or emergency music you must learn for a callback, this is a great session for you. This session is 90 minutes in length so we have more time to polish the material and can be done at my home in Washington Heights, a rented studio in Midtown, or in your home. If you are booking lessons in preparation for an audition which requires multiple songs (ballad, uptempo) and you need assistance selecting the material, I reccomend scheduling at least 2 sessions. If you have your audition material selected, please bring extra copies of each song to the lesson. I will help you select the best cut of each song and help you discover your unique way to perform it.

Masterclass / Artist in Residence

$ Inquire for pricing

I have taught Masterclasses in Musical Theatre performance to students age 5-adult. If you or your school/university/theatre/organization is interested in scheduling a masterclass please contact me. The specific subject of the masterclass can be tailored depending on what you/ your group needs. I have coached solos, duets, group songs, dialogue scenes building into a song, and more in a masterclass setting. I have also worked as an Artist in Residence with theatres and schools  who are looking for coaching on a specific production which would require more than one day of assistance or those who wish to set up a series of classes over several weeks.  Please contact for availibility.

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